Two months Paramaribo

It seems like years ago that I left The Netherlands. Writing this, I am now for two months in Paramaribo. During about 6 six days of the week I have my job at the broadcast station. In my very few free time I find my way in Paramaribo. Normally I…

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Departure date set

VliegtuigSuddenly everything is going fast. The departure date for my leave to Suriname has been set at Thursday February, 19, 2015. That is because today I made a reservation for an airplane ticket and it has been paid. Now there is way of return anymore.

Staying permit request granted

champageglasAfter three months waiting, many phone calls and e-mails, my request for a staying permit has been granted. The request was approved at Jan. 23, however something went wrong in the communication with the consulate in Amsterdam. Now finally I got the confirmation that I can collect my permit in Amsterdam.

Still ?? in the queue before me

Still waiting for the approval of my request for the staying permit. The website were the progress can be followed has recently been updated. However my number is still not there, while some higher numbers have their approval. A telephone call for inquiring learned that I am still in my waiting time of three months and that a request for work in Suriname is more complicated. But because they recently requested more documents, like diplomas, proves that my request is still active. The progress can be followed here, or click on the picture. I have number 479/14.

Last day at NXP

After some calculations and considering my left over holiday hours, it turned out that the last day at my current employer NXP will be at Jan. 7, 2015. Today, Jan. 7, I pack my personal belongings and say goodbye to my college’s. Now waiting for the approval of my staying permit.

Stay permit request accept

The consulate accepted my request for a staying permit, after that it has been rejected twice because not all documents were correct. The request will be sent to Paramaribo and there they will deal with it further. The progress on the request can be followed here, and I have number 479.

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Back again in the Netherlands, I announced my final decision to my current employer that I decided to go to Suriname and leave NXP. At Nov. 7 I submitted my discharge certificate to my manager. The planned departure to Paramaribo is at Jan. 8, 2015. However a new trip to…

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Driving left

Today trying to get used at left driving traffic. I rented a bike and tried the route in south direction along the Surinameriver. In the afternoon I experienced the bicycle route from city centre to the building of Sky Radio.

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