All the stories below are in dutch, if you can’t read it, just look at the photographs.

Canada 1997 Canada - Lake Louise
A camping trip across this friendly country with virgin nature, impressive mountains, brown bears and vibrant rivers


Lesbos - MolyvosGriekenland – Lesbos – 1998


Chios - PirgyGriekenland – Chios – 2000



Ecuador - Jan van GentEcuador – 2001
A story written during the journey by all the people on this trip through this country with its jungle, mountains and coast.



Londen - Tower BridgeLonden marathon 2003
My experiences during the marathon race.


Londen marathon

Griekenland - Samos - View at the capital

Griekenland Samos 1999
Hiking from out the capital and thing about Pythagoras

Greece Samos 2001

ThassosGriekenland Thassos 2001


IIndia-Taj Mahalndia, ‘new friends’,
a story from North India, 2002


Malta Malta - Public transport


My experiences while running the Malta Challenge, a marathon in three days.

Malta 2004

Suriname 2004Suriname - Korjalen aan de rivier

Suriname 2004 – Deel 1
Suriname 2004 – Deel 2
Suriname 2004 – Deel 3

Athene, The marathon, 2006Athene-Stadion-Finish


MartiniqueMartinique Dominica Guadeloupe 2007

Martenique Dominica Guadeloupe 2007

Luang Prabang-Monks

Laos 2012


Laos dagboek 2012

Cambodja-Ankor WatLaos Cambodja 2013

Laos Cambodja Reisverhaal 2013

Samos 2013In the harbour of Kokkari
A few weeks in the sun of a Greece island, close to the border of Turkey. A observation of the inhabitans and the tourists. For some photo’s, click here.

Greece Samos 2013

Suriname - Matapica kreekSuriname 2014
This trip to Suriname was between Oct. 9 and Oct. 30 in the year 2014. For the story click here. For just an impression and to see some photo’s, just click here.

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